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You’re weighing a critical multi-million dollar question:
“Who’s the right Behavioral Health partner for our students?”

Here's why we're your answer. One that could save you millions.

Our highly effective behavioral health programs are used by people across the country. Our approach combines live coaching with caring clinicians and online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lessons to deliver measurably successful support that helps people improve - and helps save you millions.


Covered lives


ROI in the first year alone


Clinical improvement across Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Social Anxiety and Substance Use programs

Unprecedented student need creates gaps. We fill them.

Stigma-Free Help

We offer private, confidential access to our programs so students feel comfortable seeking help. We offer immediate support for students wanting to build resilience and grow their personal strength or for those suffering from challenges such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, substance use, and panic.

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Available 24/7

With no waiting or appointments, students can easily engage with live coaching, self-guided programs and assessments. The programs can stand alone or, if additional support is needed, we can connect them to other points of care.

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Highly Effective CBT

Proven as effective as face-to-face therapy in peer-reviewed research, our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based programs and resources deliver an average of 31% clinical improvement. Convenient and confidential, our programs are ones your students will actually use.

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Help your students stay engaged and on track.


More likely to ask for help
with class work


Less at risk of dropping a course


Less likely to drop out

Many students will use it.

Give your students access to proven programs used by millions.

Our outstanding utilization rates give our clients confidence in us while students love our engaging and accessible experience. We combine compelling online CBT lessons with empathetic live clinician coaching and 24/7 access to help our members effectively build resilience, improve personal growth, and manage behavioral health challenges like depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance use, social anxiety, and panic.

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Utilization rate


Engagement at 6 months


Engagement at 1 year

Students improve dramatically.

Success powered by compelling programs and caring coaches. And proven by science.

Because they're accessible anytime, anywhere, our programs can help people feel better faster. There's no waiting for appointments-our team and CBT content are available round-the-clock. Research shows that online CBT sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, making Learn to Live an ideal choice for quick, convenient, no-stigma support.


Drop in leading depression and anxiety measures


Of users report achieving their personal goals


Of students reported being more productive at school

Actual progress made by a Learn to Live user.

Learn to Live provides support alongside our counselors to best serve our students. We've seen impressive results and students enjoy using the programs and tools.

Kristin Hageman

Dean of Student Life, Century College

You will significantly reduce costs.

We help you shrink costs as you improve outcomes.

Behavioral health challenges have a big impact on your bottom line. Our programs help save millions by reducing student disengagement and dropout rates while helping to offset some costs for campus services.

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Average ROI in year one

Our partnership with Learn to Live enables us to offer a unique service that is in high demand among students, provides real ROI and helps us reduce costs associated with on-campus services.

Kara Gravely-Stack

Dean of Students,
Minnesota State University Moorhead

We launch quickly and collaborate seamlessly.

From training and operations integration to awareness strategies, bridging to other points of care, engagement management and reporting, our team delivers comprehensive turnkey service and support to help you get up and running in 6-8 weeks or less. We can easily scale and implement our programs to suit any size population.

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Rated world-class by Net Promoter Score global standards

We started with Learn to Live in 2016 and have found their program to be a vital part of the mental health resources we provide for our students.

Heather Dale

PA-C, Director of Health Service
Gustavus Adolphus College