Learn to Live Offers COVID-19 Resources to Higher Education Institutions

6/5/2020 10:09:00 AM

Learn to Live, a leader in digital mental health solutions, is offering its COVID-19 resource center for free to higher education institutions during the ongoing pandemic.

Minneapolis, MN (June 5th, 2020) - Learn to Live, a leader in the delivery of digital mental health solutions, has made its COVID-19 Wellbeing Center freely available to higher education institutions. Institutions can now provide students and employees access to Learn to Live's COVID-19 digital tools and resources which were developed from research findings for previous pandemics (SARS and MERS) to maximize their relevance and impact. This solution can be quickly delivered to students seeking help for stress, anxiety and other behavioral health challenges at no cost.

Stress and uncertainty are affecting the overall well-being of many during the COVID-19 crisis. The Disaster Distress Helpline, a federal crisis hotline, reported an 891% increase in March calls. This is particularly affecting college students whose current and future plans are now in flux based on the uncertainty created by the epidemic. Learn to Live's digital platform provides a unique means of addressing the increased need by providing relevant tools based on the proven fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in an accessible, online format. That Wellbeing Center is freely accessible at learntolive.com.

"It's our responsibility to help address emotional needs in challenging times," said Learn to Live CEO and co-founder Dale Cook. "Learn to Live's work in this space has given us important insight into where and how people are suffering and how best to address that suffering. We want to help where we can and our platform gives us a way to deliver that help."

Learn to Live has partnered with leading health insurers, large employers, and higher education institutions to offer emotional health programs to their members, employees and students. Their digital services are now available to more than 3.5 million lives across the United States.

About Learn to Live

Learn to Live is the leader in tackling mental, emotional, behavioral health challenges through consumer-centered technology via web and mobile delivery. Our programs are designed to help individuals with stress, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and substance use. Each program is self-directed and based on the proven fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy. The company designs solutions to reduce stigma, address access barriers and limit financial concerns for those seeking help. Learn to Live has helped tens of thousands of individual consumers, and also partners with organizational clients in the health plan, employment, and higher education sectors. Through these partnerships, Learn to Live now covers over 3.5 million members.